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What do you want from a First Aid training course in Cyprus?  Understanding and meeting the needs of our clients is of paramount important to us.  As we all know, training time for a workforce is a significant investment for any company, so we at Kalliopi First Aid Training therefore endeavour to streamline the process of applying for grants and subsidies available in Cyprus, discuss training requirements and swiftly satisfy any queries you may have regarding any aspects of First Aid Training.  It is possible you may require tailor-made adjustments to course content, or you wish to focus on a particular issue.  This can be done without compromising the necessary requirements of the course curriculum.

We will be working with you to minimise the interruption of day-to-day working responsibilities by effectively training participants.  Our training methods ensure that participants enjoy the learning experience and feel confident that they have acquired the right knowledge.  We use high standard First Aid training techniques and methods, utilising modern first aid training tools, adult and infant manikins, media and information technology coupled with in-house, real-time scenarios.  Individuals and teams have the chance to practice and participate in simulated incidents and emergency scenarios requiring First Aid response and action.

Kalliopi First Aid Training Courses are specifically designed and conducted to train and educate everyone in first aid - from a complete workforce, to smaller teams in the workplace, private groups and clubs and/or individuals, to be proficient and effective in delivering first aid when it matters and in line with Government First Aid specifications and up to date guidelines of our medical partners, such as the European Resuscitation Council. 

First Aid Courses | Training Programmes:

Emergency First Aid at Work - EFAW

First Aid at Work - FAW

Automated External Defibrillator - AED

Pool Lifeguard


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Kalliopi First Aid Training © – Ioakim & Ioakim Ltd

What We Offer:

“Approved First Aid Training Courses in Cyprus” We offer approved, First Aid at Work First Aid Training Courses in Cyprus including: Emergency First Aid at Work; First Aid at Work; Automated External Defibrillator and Pool Lifeguard.  Basic Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training is made according to current guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines 2015. Training Certificates are issued under the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work (First Aid) Regulations 2009 (PI 198/2009).   We also offer a range of DAN Europe (Divers Alert Network) first aid courses for the scuba diving community through our sister company Kalliopi Dive College.  Visit the dedicated scuba diving in Paphos website: full details and DAN course programmes.

Our experienced, multi-lingua (Greek, English, German), faculty instructors are certified by the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA / ΑΝΑΔ / EEK) under its recently revised teaching specifications (2014) to provide grant-aided, subsidised educational seminars.


Kalliopi First Aid Training © – Ioakim & Ioakim Ltd

Who We Are

A First Aid Training Centre managed and operated by Ioakim & Ioakim Ltd with over 32 years

experience.  Kalliopi First Aid Training is a member of AOFA (Association of First Aiders).  

We offer a full range of First Aid Certifications and First Aid Training Courses in Cyprus and Greece.  

Kalliopi First Aid Training’s parent company, Ioakim & Ioakim Ltd, is certified by the Ministry Department of Labour & Social Insurance to provide First Aid Training Courses and issue Certifications

under the provisions of the Safety and Health at Work (First Aid) Regulations 2009 (C.D.P.198 / 2009).

Kalliopi First Aid Training © – Ioakim & Ioakim Ltd

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