About us

Established Leaders in the Specialist Field of Providing Approved First Aid Training Programmes

Who are we?

Kalliopi First Aid Training is the longest established First Aid Training Provider in Cyprus - now in its 36th year teaching First Aid & Health & Safety.  We are approved providers under the latest requirements of the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA/ΑΝΑΔ). Kalliopi First Aid Training’s parent company, Ioakim & Ioakim Ltd, is certified by the Ministry Department of Labour & Social Insurance to provide First Aid Training Courses and issue Certifications under the provisions of the Safety and Health at Work (First Aid) Regulations 2009 (C.D.P.198 / 2009).

About our First Aid Instructors and Assessors

Our experienced, multi-lingua (Greek, English, German), faculty instructors are certified by the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA /ΑΝΑΔ / EEK) under its recently revised teaching specifications (2014) to provide grant-aided educational seminars.   We offer a wealth of experience teaching across the spectrum of Cyprus Industry including national supermarket chains, banks, hotels, sporting facilities, island-wide municipalities, schools and universities, commercial enterprises, shopping malls, major department stores, airports, port authorities, restaurant chains and many more.

Our Team

George Ioakim

George is a Health and Safety consultant and an Approved Trainer and Assessor with 35 years’ experience teaching First Aid in the Workplace, Lifeguard training and Search & Rescue.  George holds a Master’s degree in Hyperbaric Medicine and completed his studies in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

  • Over 37 years of experience
  • Trained 5,000+ people
  • Teaching First Aid, Pediatric First Aid, the Use of a Defibrillator, Search and Rescue and Lifeguarding
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Deborah Harris

Deborah began her teaching career 3 decades ago as a Scuba Diving Instructor and teamed up with partner George Ioakim in the 90’s to develop Kalliopi First Aid Training center which is approved by the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority– now one of the most prestigious First Aid training centers in Cyprus.

  • Over 37 years of experience
  • Trained 5,000+ people
  • Teaching First Aid
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Kalliopi Jeanette Ioakim M.D.

Dr Kalliopi Ioakim graduated from the European University Cyprus.  Whilst studying Kalliopi was a visiting student of Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Ada Yonath, Department of Structural Biology at the Weizmann Institute of Sciencein, Israel and at the Pediatric Hematology - Oncology Department of Shneider’s Children’s Medical Centre, Israel. Dr Kalliopi completed her Internal Medicine and General Surgery Internships at Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus.  So far in her medical career she has published 9 research papers in prestigious Medical Journals worldwide.  Dr Kalliopi is acting as First Aid Training Consultant and Research Analyst.

  • Medical Doctor
  • Research Analyst
  • First Aid Training Consultant
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Joshua Ioakim BA (Hons)

Josh is a Business with Entrepreneurship graduate and registered First Aid Trainer. He has several years’ experience managing outdoor festival events, completing Large Event Risk Assessments, and implementing First Aid and Crowd Control strategies for thousands of participants. Joshua is responsible for the team’s highly successful and dynamic audio/visual presentations.

  • Registered First Aid Trainer
  • First Aid and Crowd Control Strategist
  • Teaching First Aid, Pediatric First Aid, the Use of a Defibrillator, Search and Rescue and Life-guarding
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