6 Hours

Emergency First Aid at Work

Kalliopi First Aid Training offers accredited 6 hour Emergency First Aid at Work courses and seminars, which are designed to enable participants to attain the skills & knowledge needed to perform effective Emergency First Aid in the workplace and elsewhere. Covering CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), Recovery Position, Bleeding, Choking, Epilepsy, Minor Injuries, Burns & Scalds and much more, participants will be trained and educated to act quickly and confidently when First Aid is needed.

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Kalliopi First Aid Training's Emergency First Aid at Work seminar usually takes place in a meeting room or conference room in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

To ensure both theoretical and practical elements of the Emergency First Aid Training Course is enjoyable, interesting and effective, we use a combination of teaching methods including; Powerpoint presentations with audio visual / video elements; anatomical and other presentation aids; fun team building exercises; team practice of first aid and lifesaving techniques and easy, practical team scenarios. Coffee Breaks, lunch and rest periods are built into all our Emergency First Aid at Work training programmes.