Grant-Aided Training Sessions

Kalliopi First Aid Training is managed by our parent company IOAKIM & IOAKIM LTD which is certified by the Ministry of Labour & Social Insurance / Department of Labour (Inspection Department) of the Republic of Cyprus to organize and provide grant-aided educational First Aid at Work training seminars.

Our faculty instructors are certified by the Human Resources Development Authority / ΑΝΑΔ according to the latest specifications.

Are you eligible for a Subsidy?

A Cyprus registered company or organization may apply to the Human Resources Development Authority for subsidy of employees’ training costs.  The amount of subsidy granted depends on the number of employees in the workforce and it may be that a company is eligible for multiple grants.  If you would like to learn more about eligibility for subsidy, do get in touch.

Applying for Subsidy

You may apply to the Human Resources Development Authority 21 days prior to your required seminar date. Kalliopi First Aid Training helps in preparing and submitting Subsidy applications.